Pro-Tech 8 gloves

Since 2005 Pro-Tech 8 gloves have redefined safety, quality and performance for protective gloves. The difference is in the details.

First, start with advanced glove designs that reinforce protection in known vulnerable areas while simultaneously promoting flexibility, fit and comfort. The result is reduced hand fatigue that allows gloves to stay on through the duration of all your tasks.  

Next, develop component materials made from the most protective high performance fibers such as Kevlar and Nomex, AND construct these components into the most durable high integrity fabrics to insure your lasting protection.

Then, use Kangaroo skins from the finest tannery in Australia and other leathers, full grain goat skin and cowhide, tanned in house to ensure the highest and most consistent quality for every production lot.   

Finally, cut every component material by hand and sew every glove one by one -- layer by layer.  

Every seam - every layer - every glove - designed and manufactured with an attention to detail and quality for your maximum safety and optimum performance.